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Nice To See You

Welcome to Inna Heiman's studio,

What a pleasure to see you here!
If the amazing jewelry didn't capture you enough, Inna's personal story will definitely capture your heart.

Inna graduated with a bachelor's degree in jewelry design and goldsmithing from Shankar, and a master's degree in design M.Des from Shankar.
She also completed an internship at Treasure House Limited London.
After graduating, she integrated herself into the Israeli market with the best designers and major jewelry companies in the market.
After accumulating years of experience, I opened the Heiman Jewelry brand.​

תמונה של אינה היימן בסטודיו

Specialization and uniqueness

Inna's specializes in traditional handicrafts, using gold, diamonds and gems.

Working with gold is fascinating, the material is soft and surrenders and you can create anything with it.
The uniqueness of Ina's work is matching the jewelry to the customer in the most optimal way, listening to the customer and her wishes.
Many times she creates new jewelry, from customers' old gold and also from their gems.
This is how we preserve tradition and memory and plant them in a new piece of jewelry.
Also, she does not specialize in family jewelry, conservation repair and creation of jewelry that will be heirlooms and mark important milestones in life, such as engagement rings, wedding rings or creation of a family signet ring.

On a personal note

Do not hesitate to write to us - together we can create something personal and unique.

Ina's motto is to always say "yes" to every dream, request and wish you have in your heart.
Inna will help you reach your perfect piece of jewelry, she will accompany you all the way from choosing the desired stone to the process of making the jewelry to the engraving stage.
We will accompany you in the complete customer experience from the moment of ordering to the moment of receiving the jewelry to the door of the house.

תמונה מתוך הסטודיו של אינה היימן
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