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Materials and warranty

We at "Haiman's Jewelry" believe in a maximum customer experience from the order to the magical and exciting moment when you receive the jewel of your dreams.

We will be happy to provide you with a personal service tailored specifically to your requirements and request. After that, we will select for you the finest and most selected materials that are currently on the market in order to give you a quality piece of jewelry that will last a long time and will give the unique sparkle. 

After that, the chosen piece of jewelry will go through the stage of preparation, polishing and finishing until it looks no less than perfect.

The jewelry will be packed in a branded package and then sent by courier to your doorstep.

Photo from Inna Heiman's studio

​What is included in the scope of warranty

Warranty on the jewelry for two years (not including gems and diamonds)

​Jewelry warranty covers defects created within reasonable use of the jewelry.

Warranty applies to brand jewelry purchased in this store or by phone

​What isn't included in the scope of the warranty

If you are not satisfied with the jewelry, you cannot exchange it or cancel the transaction.

It will be possible to receive a credit for a purchase on the website.

A defect caused by unreasonable use, including but not limited to, impact, pressure, contact with chemicals, water, exposure to high heat, and handling by unauthorized parties.

Brand jewelry that was not purchased directly from the company

Need help?

For any question, request or problem of any kind we will be happy to assist in a personal and individual way, please contact us at "Contact Us" and we will come back and help you!

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