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Terms of service

General info:

- All the jewelry on the site is an original and exclusive design by Inna Heiman.

All the jewelry is made to order and meticulously handmade, from the most selected materials, 14/18 carat gold, diamonds and gems.

All the jewelry is made by hand, with great care and emphasis on the smallest details, in order to provide the perfect piece of jewelry to the customer.

- The purchase on the website is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations, when purchasing jewelry on the website, the customer confirms that they agree to the conditions of the regulations that appear on the website.

- The operator of the website - Inna Heiman, may change the rules of the regulations at any given time and without prior notice.

- Do not use the images and information appearing on the website in any way.

All photos are original and belong to the site owner.

- for customer service/personal design/special requests/questions about jewelry or about a purchase,

You can contact by email: or by phone at 054-2383646 during the usual business hours.

- Heiman Luxury Jewelry Company, specializes in personal and special design, you are invited to contact me with special requests for personal jewelry design.

- All jewelry on the site is made to special order, meticulously handmade, delivery time up to 21 business days (not including shipping).


- The warranty on the jewelry is for one year from the moment the jewelry is purchased. There is no responsibility for the loss of the jewelry, no responsibility for gems and/or loss of gems.

- There is no warranty for gold chains, for a broken chain or lost chain.

- The warranty is within reasonable use of the jewelry.

- If it is necessary to repair the jewelry as part of the warranty, the customer will send the jewelry at her expense and the company will send the repaired jewelry back to the customer without additional payment.

- If it is necessary to repair the jewelry beyond the warranty period, you can contact us and the repair will involve a fee, which we will agree on in advance.

Exchanges and returns:

- No exchanges and no returns.

- All the jewelry on the site is made to order and produced for the customer according to their request. In each piece of jewelry, you can choose the desired gold color, yellow/white/pink, 14/18 karat gold, you can choose the desired gemstone, natural diamond,

Sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. Also, you can choose the length of the chain you want, 40/42/45 cm and the size of the ring you want if you buy a ring.

- Because of this, all jewelry is made to order and customized for the customer and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Shipping Information:

- All deliveries in Israel are made with Israel Post, a free service for website customers - Heiman Prestige Jewelry.

- All shipments abroad are made with Israel Post or Fedex and are made free of charge to customers of the site - Heiman Prestige Jewelry.

- The shipment is insured with the shipping company, the customer receives a tracking number, the Heiman luxury jewelry company, receives a certificate from the shipping company after delivery to the customer.

Email marketing:

- By registering for the site's mailing and filling in contact information, the customer agrees to receive direct mail from Ina Heiman Jewelry via e-mail or text messages.

- The customer may request at any time to stop receiving direct mail by contacting Ina Hayman Jewelry and subject to the provisions of the law.


- Inna Heiman Jewelry undertakes to maintain the privacy of the users of the website and not to disclose personal information collected as part of the use of the website to third parties without permission.

- The personal information collected will only be used for the purpose of communicating with the users, providing services and products, and improving the user experience on the site.

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